Sirius 的博客



我是 Sirius,一名工作了 10 年的产品经理。过去 10 年我一直在云计算领域深耕,曾负责腾讯云和平安云可观测平台的商业化和产品设计的工作。

同时,我也是利物浦大学高级计算机科学硕士的 2023/2024 年度在读生。

我会不定期在博客里分享关于产品、技术以及云计算行业的思考,也可以关注我的 Twitter 了解更多。

About Me


I’m Sirius, a product manager with 10 years of experience. I have been deeply involved in the cloud computing industry and responsible for the commercialization and product design of TencentCloud and PingAn Cloud’s observability platforms.

I am also a student pursuing a Master’s degree in Advanced Computer Science from the University of Liverpool, expected to graduate in 2023/2024.

I will share my thoughts on products, technology, and the cloud computing industry on my blog from time to time. Please also follow me on Twitter for more updates.